Building in Reverse at Leveson Place

Building in Reverse at Leveson Place

August 22, 2018

After months of build-up (pun intended), we’re now watching the existing building come down at Leveson Place in the heart of North Melbourne Village.

Another collaboration with Red Earth Developments, the construction team has done a great job to get to this stage and bring down the building in a safe and managed way with lead demolition contractor, Eco Demolition.

A project with a keen sense of its central location and the light industrial history of North Melbourne, Leveson Place is making a feature of its heritage through its private laneway, terrace style homes and brick construction. Eco Demolition are helping with this by stockpiling all of the red bricks from the existing warehouse which will be used for all of the exterior facades.

With liveability and craftsmanship at their centre, the ten new homes at Leveson Place feature individually fashioned spaces. From kitchens of marble, Australian timber and exposed brick, to the high ceilings throughout, private terrace and your own garage, Leveson Place will be a touchstone for North Melbourne for years to come.

We can’t wait to add the best new homes to North Melbourne since our last North Melbourne project.

Be one of the few we welcome in 2019 and enquire for one of last remaining homes at and keep up with our progress on our Instagram page.


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