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We’re so pleased to see not just a project completed, but a community beginning

Talking about how average a year 2020 is so 2020.

2020 was a year that saw fast moving events played out in slow motion. Like sprinting through treacle.

In a year where things had to be done and activity was the enemy, it’s worthwhile thinking about what was achieved, rather than what we missed out on.

This was especially true at Mason Developments that saw the culmination of many years of work and none more so than in 2020.

We were delighted to welcome our new residents at Leveson Place in the heart of North Melbourne. I’m so proud of these homes and get a real kick out of dropping in for a visit. I was thrilled that, when we could show off the homes during inspections, they were so well received.

We’re so please to see not just a project completed, but a community beginning.

The completion of our first childcare centre and KingKids Childcare’s newest centre took more than a little hard work, dedication and ambition in 2020. With 2/3 of the centre built during Melbourne’s two lockdowns, the fact that KingKids Hallam opened its doors just ten days after initially forecasted, was as remarkable as it was impressive. Well done, and thank you, to everyone who made that possible.

2020 also saw us start new projects and, as The Fairfields began to take shape at the end of the year, we are becoming more and more excited as this project comes off the page and into real life. We can’t wait to share more updates about the three new homes in the inner-northern Melbourne suburb of Fairfield, so keep an eye out.

I’m not going to lie though, after such a big year where just going to the shops became an exercise in logistics, disease control and planning, such extraordinary efforts don’t just happen. They take energy, resilience, planning and determination. They also take a toll and so, for the first time in two years, Mason Developments closed the doors over the end of year break. We needed some time to rest and recuperate and I highly recommend it.

We’re looking forward to a 2021 that looks forward to hopes realised and not the Old Normal, not the “New Normal”, but a New Standard in the truest sense of the word. One where we look out for each other, people’s livelihoods and our planet and Mason Developments will certainly look to play its part in that.

2021 Prediction: a very strong property market (of course we would say that) where paying off a home has never been cheaper and people’s desire for a home and a lifestyle has never been more important.

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