About us

We’re not like all the others, and neither are our projects.

We are a boutique development company who specialise in single residential, townhouse and apartment projects in the inner suburban areas of Melbourne.

Well, that’s the corporate version at least. But really, we’d prefer to describe ourselves as passionate creators who enrich communities and build homes that people love to live in.

Being a smaller team keeps us on our toes. Our eyes are a bit wider, our thinking is a little more creative, and we still get excited about the possibilities in every project. There’s no such thing as a ‘quick win’ for us – every building and space we create is unique, high-quality, environmentally considered and human-focussed. We’re never complacent, and we never settle for ‘good enough.’


It’s an adventure that we love every single day: working alongside our clients to bring their dreams to life.

Our projects really are something special. We work with the best in the business, using innovative techniques and the highest quality materials to construct buildings that are beautiful, clever and considerate. And yeah, we realise that reads a bit like a personals ad… But that’s kind of the point; our homes are designed to fall in love with.

Nice to
meet you.

image of Alexander


Head of Development

Hi, I’m Alexander. 

 I’ve been in the industry since 2010, but I’ve actually been building houses and cities since I got my first set of Lego when I was four. That sense of excitement in taking something that’s just a concept and turning it into reality has never left me, and is one of the reasons I love my job. 

Nothing makes me happier than adding to people’s lives, whether that’s creating their dream home or achieving their investment goals. That’s why I take such an active role in the selling and marketing of our projects, so that I can be sure people are satisfied. And the best part is, I get to do all of it alongside a team of passionate experts who are as excited about quality projects as I am.

Our Partners

You wouldn’t let just anyone into your home. And neither would we! We’ve chosen to work with a few key partners who are leaders in their fields, and (here’s the important part) are just as passionate as we are about making every project the absolute best it can be.

Like what you see? Shucks. Luckily, we’re even better in person.

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