Hallam Child Care Centre: Completed

With a herculean effort from the team, it got done

I would have said a number of things, but “yes” would not have been one of them.

That would be my response If you had told me what 2020 would have in store and then asked if we would finish 10 days after the aggressive timeline we set for ourselves at the end of 2019.

But with a herculean effort from the team, it got done and KingKids Hallam opened their doors in the first week of November.

Our congratulations and thanks to all those involved.

* To Jo and Sally and the gang at KingKids Child Care.

* To Paul, Ryan and the whole construction team at Red Earth Developments.

* To Mena and Carol-Ann and the whole team at T3 Architecture.

* To John, Sue, Michelle and the team at Glossop Town Planning for presenting the vision to the City of Casey.

* And to our other consultants in Shackelford Engineering, Mitchell Brandtman, Sustainable Design Consultants and Julie King Landscape.

* Finally, the finance team at NAB.

Well done, everyone.

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