The Fairfields Update: March

The roof is on, the walls are going up, windows in and so are the services

So it’s almost time to cast it out to sea and start it’s around the world voyage. Wait a minute, this isn’t right…

So it seems our attempts to branch out and build a ship are not going well at Mason Developments, because we keep building awesome homes instead. It seems that good habits die hard when it comes to our projects.

The homes at the Fairfields are now really beginning to take shape.


As always, our construction partners, Red Earth Developments, are onsite going through finer details and improvements. Like us, these guys share the desire to get the best outcome for every project


Featuring homes where the outdoor space is as much of a focus as the indoors, we were thrilled to see the first-floor terrace of house number 2 taking shape. It’s going to be a great place to entertain and just relax and the views of the city are just the icing on the cake. 


Complemented inside by materials that focus on quality of lifestyle as much as quality themselves, the homes feature timber flooring by Plank, appliances by Bosch, stone by G-Lux and joinery by Craftscale, these homes are only getting better.


Bring on completion in July/August this year.


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